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You have likely seen murse shirts, sweaters or T-shirts in your travels around town or around the globe. You probably also know them simply as a blouse. The men’s fashion accessory that started out as a simple undershirt has grown to become much more than just a fashion statement. A great deal of attention has been paid to the history behind the blouse and the myth behind it.

Murse The Man The Myth The Legend Beard Nurse

Most European history relates the creation of the blouse toillus by Viking men who were venturing into new territories. They wore these comfortable, lightweight undershirts under their coats as a way to keep warm and dry in the upper air. The blouse legend is most likely apocryphal, but there are many accounts of what these shirts looked like. They typically were long sleeved with buttons or zippers, and they were often brightly colored to represent their owner’s region.


The blouse legend was probably fueled by stories about Viking men roaming the open steppes and picking up women along the way. These tales made it into the European history books and then the T-shirt was born. A few years later, a French fashion designer crafted a shirt for the French Army called the murse bag. It has come a long way from that first design. The blouse and the bag are still quite popular.


In modern times, the blouse is often a much favored clothing item for men. They are much more comfortable than they were back in the days. Today, designers can create a shirt that will look good on just about any man. They are also a bit easier to care for than they were once the men and women were wearing them.


When it comes to men’s blouses, there are as many options available as there are with women’s. There are the crewneck, pea coat, and the V-neck. No matter what style of blouse a man is looking for, chances are he will find it. In fact, the Blouse Shirt is such a popular accessory today that you can even buy them online. Men everywhere are enjoying this easy way to add a little flair to their look.


Of course, no one can deny the fact that the blouse does make a fantastic outfit. The wearer looks classy and his or her sense of fashion is also displayed in the way the wearer carries themselves. No longer is he just a guy who wears a t-shirt. Now, every man is able to step out in a great looking blouse and really make a statement.

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