A Real Korean Drama – Squid Game

Squid Game Korean Drama
Squid Game NetFlix Poster

Squid Game is a Korean survival drama that has become hugely popular online. The show revolves around a group of underprivileged Koreans who are first tricked into a dangerous tournament of dangerous games. Then, after winning the game, they then enlist other like-minded people to join them in their mission to bring down the corrupt leaders of the country.


What is Squid Game about? The story is centered on the idea that all the participants in this tournament are basically playing a game to get the prize money that they would eventually win when the tournament is over. They are first tricked into believing that the game is their first chance at winning real prize money, but later many of them later enlist the help of other contestants to come to their aid. The competition is between the South Korean government and the North Korean government, as well as between the four corporate giants in the region. It also takes place in a city named Jeju, where the action takes place in.


In summation, Squid Game is a Korean drama series that has become hugely popular online among viewers who enjoy dramas that take place outside of the country. It is a rare Korean drama that also deals with topics that deal with issues that are quite serious, unlike most of the average Korean dramas. The story is funny, as well as filled with some beautiful and touching moments. It has been ranked fourth on the popularity charts on Netflix in terms of total viewership, which is one of the largest lists on the service. It is also the most viewed comedy show that has been streaming online.

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